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October 14, 2007



Yes, You Can Buy Cheap Car Parts:If you have the right information it is possible to buy quality cheap car parts that are just as good as the more expensive parts.The best and easiest way to search for cheap car parts is the internet. If you type in cheap car parts in your favorite search engine, you will see a big list of cheap car parts dealers. But be careful you have to find out which of them is real and which is not.

You also have to know why some car parts are sold so cheap, and decide how cheap you want to buy?

cheap car parts

Cheap Car Part:

Why are they cheap?There are different reasons why cheap car part is sold online.

Used parts:

They are sold as cheap car part because they are not new anymore, they have less performance ability and less lifetime. You need to find out if the cheap car parts you are buying are new or used.

Though sometimes it is ok to buy used parts, you just have to decide if the price is ok for a used part compared to a new part.

Remanufactured Auto Parts:

Various companies are licensed to remanufacture original auto parts, these parts can be sold as cheap auto parts. These parts are as good as the original part.

Old Model Auto Parts:

Some car models are old and are no longer in high demand and therefore sold very cheap.

Cheap car parts 2


It can be hard to find a good cheap car parts dealer that you trust. I have tried some different company with various levels of success? They have all delivered the cheap auto parts that I have ordered, but the quality of the part hasn’t always been very good.



In my pursuit of good cheap car parts dealers I found these two to be very good and reliable.

The first one you find here. They offer free shipping.

And here is the second one. Also with free shipping.


If you feel you know what you are doing you can save a bundle if you import parts.

More info on import here.


Hope you found this usefully.


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Hi again people.

The other day my good friend Jacob asked me for help finding good quality performance parts.

He drives a beautiful Nissan Silvia, but it’s kind of old and could use some more power.

This is where we ended up buying some more hk for his Silvia.

They have a really nice site with easy navigation and a huge selection of parts.




Hey i just found a cool little video on youtube.